How It All Started


How It All Started – The “Novelist Seeks Heroine” Pages

Once upon a time, about a dozen years ago, I started my own Quest to find my own perfect for me Heroine.

This Efficient Love Methodology was mostly conceived and matured during the last 12 years as a result of my experiences with many of the several million visitors to my “Novelist Seeks Heroine” website.

What has now developed into a comprehensive approach for finding Happily Ever After, originally started as a way for a somewhat introverted, somewhat middle-aged, somewhat average-looking man to more efficiently find a somewhat compatible date. The Method has been honed not just from my own personal experiences with those I have met as a result of my website, but also from my interviews with tens of thousands of folks about their own relationships while I was researching my novels.

During that time, what started as a quickie web page to help me eliminate some of the endless iterations of the usual, inane, first-date rhetoric grew both into a genuine Quest for me, personally, to find the Heroine who matched all that I wanted in a lover and Soulmate—and into a Methodology which has already helped thousands of others find the love they have sought for themselves.

During those 12 years, I’ve personally received over 10,000 “applications” from women applying for the position as my Heroine (don’t say it, I can already hear those thoughts, too—about both the number and the use of the words “application” and “position”.)

The truth be told, the number is significantly higher than 10,000 but I’m too embarrassed to admit to more and, frankly, I’ve lost count…but in all fairness to myself, the massive response came before I fine-tuned the concepts of The Method. It was, in fact, the overwhelming response I received that showed me that we all needed a better way to find exactly the right lover we most honestly seek.

Secret Access Key To The Novelist Seeks Heroine Domain

If you would like to meander around the massive Old Domain that successfully elicited such a response by the 10,000, you can grab the secret access key and see for yourself. Be sure and take a compass so you don’t get lost!

All of those historical pages are available to all Kindle readers of Efficient Love who wish to read them. That is, if you find the secret access key in the pages. And, that can only be found in the pages of the new Kindle Edition of Efficient Love.

Bear in mind that those Novelist pages have long been abandoned and the entire site has become a ghost town with rusted fonts and antiquated page structures…so enter at your own risk! Once upon a time, those pages were bright and shiny and new. Note: I don’t know how long that Old Domain may last. Explore soon – you never know when the Old Domain may crumble to dust and be blown away by the winds of time.

When you get there, you will see that many of those pages refer to my own Quest.  It was that site, those pages and Efficient Love – The Good-Man Methodology that helped me find my own, perfect-for-me, Heroine.  My Quest has been totally, successfully accomplished – and Janet and I are sharing a glorious path of our own Happily Here & Now on our way to our shared version of Happily Ever After.

Although my Quest was wonderfully successful and is now over, I have left many of those pages in that old Domain that refer to my own search unchanged so that readers can better understand how I used The Method.  Hence, many pages purposely have not been updated to show my success!

My most sincere hope is that the old site will help give you insights on how best to EFFICIENTLY  find your own Hero or Heroine!

There are HUNDREDS of web pages at the vast Old Domain including: how to efficiently find YOUR own Hero or Heroine, thought-provoking discussions that may redefine exactly who YOU are seeking, some of my additional fiction and non-fiction, the pages I used to successfully find MY own Heroine, details on our weddings (yes, plural!) and our life together, my old Complaint Department (for the 1% of readers who objected to my lists and approaches) and the Dear Dashing letters to me from some of the 30,000 to 40,000 monthly visitors to the old Domain including THE most touching email I have received in the dozen years I had occupied that Domain.

However, the Dashing Good-Man Domain was and remains primarily focused on efficiently helping YOU successfully define your own perfect Hero or Heroine and YOUR own path of Happily Here & Now that will lead you to YOUR Happily Ever After.

Get your secret access key now – grab some love – grab your own Kindle copy of Efficient Love!

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