Efficient Love – Find Happily Ever After – Efficiently!



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Efficient Love – Find Happily Ever After – Efficiently!

Doesn’t it make incredible sense to invest a few hours to FULLY define ALL of your wants, wishes and needs that would describe your ideal lover?

Do you really want to watch the sun set on yet another day without sharing YOUR path of Happily Here & Now with someone who wants YOUR same Happily Ever After?

Doesn’t it make more sense for you to find YOUR ideal Hero or Heroine as quickly and efficiently as possible? Wouldn’t you rather share as many glorious days and nights of wonderful inefficiencies possible with your ideal lover, as quickly as possible?

Efficient Love will show you how. Efficiently!

Please excuse the interruption on your way to Happily Ever After
but I have something important to tell you.

My name is Kathleen Hanover (yes, that’s my real name). I’m a marketing and public relations consultant, and Robert hired me to write the page you’re reading right now.  It’s supposed to be a standard Web page for Efficient Love, a how-to book based on the process he used to find his own one-in-a-million soulmate.

But Robert will forgive me, I hope, for hijacking this space so I can share my own story with you and how The Method has changed my life…forever. 

Click To Get Your Love - Click To Get #1 Amazon Bestseller, Efficient Love - Find Happily Ever After - EfficientlyThe week I contacted Robert about this writing project, I had just been through a disastrously disappointing dating experience.  I’d met a man online, became infatuated via email, fell head over heels on the phone…and fell right on my (expletive deleted) when we met in person. 

After weeks of excitement and anticipation, I cashed in all my frequent flyer miles to go meet my “dream man.”  And well…he was a man, but the whole experience was more of a nightmare than a dream. 

I spent three agonizingly awkward days staring at a man I thought I knew…and wondering what had happened to the man I fell for on the phone.  In the month before we met, the phone chemistry was so great that we spoke at least an hour every day! How could this man, in person, be so different…and so indifferent? How was it possible that we had so misjudged — and so disappointed — each other? Who was this guy?? And how could I have wasted so much time on yet another “dead end?” 

So at the very time that Robert hired me to write this page for his web site, I’d had it (yet again) with relationships and dating!  I had thrown in the towel (again).  I had sworn off men and was back in “nun” phase (again).  (Are you seeing a pattern here?) 

Given my attitude at the time, I certainly wouldn’t have hired me to help sell a book about love.  I told Robert as much before the contract was signed!  But I will always be grateful that he had a very different opinion.  Robert told me that my recent dating disappointment made me the ideal candidate to market his book.  In fact, he chose me — the cynical and jaded “nun” —  out of two dozen writers competing for the job. 

There was just one tiny problem.  To do the best possible work for my client, I knew I’d have to read the darned book!  Even worse, Robert insisted that I’d have to do Efficient Love  — to apply it to my own love life — to really understand it.  So, in spite of the fact that I’d just sworn off dating forever, I took the job.  Robert talked me into it by agreeing to personally coach me in his Efficient Love process as part of our deal. 

I’m a marketing copywriter—so believe me, I’m no stranger to hype. But I’m being completely serious when I tell you that this process has changed my life.  It has changed who I am in a fundamentally positive way.  How? Well…I’ll tell you how in a minute… 

But first, I’ll admit that as an entrepreneur, it’s not uncommon for me to work 50+ hours a week. So I understood that Efficient Love could really save me a lot of time…like the month I wasted on the latest Mr. Dead End. But what I didn’t fully appreciate was how Robert’s process was going to save me from so much potential heartache.  And how it was going to change my life. 

And I can hear you thinking the same thing I first thought: “But ‘efficient love’ just sounds so…anti-romantic!” 

And you’re right.  If you think low expectations, wasted time, self-delusions, heartbreak and chronic disappointment are romantic, then Efficient Love is definitely NOT for you. 

But if you think finding the love of your life, your soulmate…
your own perfect-for-you Hero or Heroine…
the person you’ll wake up next to every day for the rest of your life… 

If you think that’s too important to be left to random chance,
then Efficient Love is exactly what you deserve.

Trust me, I understand.  It  may be hard to get your head around this concept at first.  If you’re an MBA and a corporate consultant like Robert, the idea of finding love efficiently makes perfect sense.  But for the rest of us — especially those of us who’ve been brainwashed by romance novels and romantic comedies?  Well, it takes some getting used to. 

But no matter how I felt about my own dating experiences, I was determined to do a great job for Robert.  So I picked up Efficient Love and read it with an open mind. 

(And by the way, Robert actually refused to let me turn in my first draft until I had used The Method for myself.  And having gone on my first Efficient Date two weeks ago, I’m now qualified to tell you about it.) 

Fast forward a few weeks…and I’ve gone from
totally cynical about dating
to totally serious about finding my soulmate,
thanks to Robert Goodman and Efficient Love

Efficient Love helps you break down the soulmate search into easy-to-understand baby steps.  Robert’s process systematically helps you figure out: 

  • Who you are and what you have to offer the right person

  • What you want, need and deserve in the right mate

  • How to find as many potential, close matches as possible

  • How to quickly and efficiently evaluate potential matches once you’ve found them — in a way that’s kind and positive for both of you.

I have discovered for myself how the Efficient Love process can help you quickly and efficiently uncover deal-breaking incompatibilities before chemistry and hormones and emotions hijack your brain and your heart, and lead you into yet another heartbreaking, going-nowhere-fast fling. You know, the kind of romantic dead end that wastes the most important thing you have—precious, irreplaceable time. 

I hope you agree that saving time and saving heartache are reason enough to order your own copy of Efficient Love

But wait—as they say in the infomercials—there’s more. To my complete surprise, the Efficient Love process has actually changed the way I feel about myself. Click To Get Your Love - Click To Get #1 Amazon Bestseller, Efficient Love!

I’m a happier, more confident woman than I was before I read the book and started following The Method. I now truly believe, on a “soulular” level, that I deserve—and I’m capable of—a spectacular romantic relationship that will last me a lifetime. I now know in my heart that I don’t have to settle just so I won’t be alone on a Friday night.  And thanks to Efficient Love, I actually have more to offer a potential match. 

I now believe that there are thousands…maybe even tens of thousands of individual men out there who aren’t perfect…but who could be perfect for me – and I, perfect for them.  

And that while love is certainly magical and mysterious, finding my Hero is now simply a numbers game…a game I now have the tools to play and win. 

Have you become increasingly cynical with each brief, disappointing romance? Have you ever stepped on a heartbreaking conversational land mine during a first date? Have you thrown away months or years on a dead-end relationship because you don’t think you can do any better? Are you just crazy busy, and pulled in a million different directions? 

If you can answer any of these questions with a “yes,” then I urge you to order a copy of Efficient Love for yourself. 

  • Stop wasting time on people who aren’t right for you and never will be.

  • Stop wasting energy on relationships that go nowhere.

  • Stop wasting your life waiting for love to “just happen.”

  • And as Robert says, Don’t Waste Another Sunset!

Get your copy of Efficient Love today. Get started today on your own path to “Happily Here & Now”…the one leading to the “Happily Ever After” you and I both deserve. 

With heartfelt thanks to Robert…
and best of luck to you in your EFFICIENT Quest, 

Kathleen Hanover 

P.S. Yes, Robert Goodman hired me to write his web page…but every word I’m saying is true and heartfelt. I was just looking for a marketing job! I didn’t expect to find myself — and, most likely, my soulmate — in the bargain. 

P.P.S. Efficient Love has changed my entire concept of the search for love. And, most surprising of all. Efficient Love — and coaching from Robert — have completely changed how I feel about myself. Forever. 

P.P.P.S. Are you wondering how many more birthdays you’ll have to spend alone? How many holidays? Are you ready to admit that what you’re doing isn’t working? Get your hands on a copy of Efficient Love today.  And take charge of the rest of your romantic life. 

P.P.P.P.S. Wondering about my first Efficient Date? He was attractive. Charming. Warm. And there was abundant sexual chemistry. Even so, thanks to Efficient Love, and Robert’s coaching, I quickly identified a “deal killer” that would have ruined things for us down the road. So my first date with this very nice man was my last. But compared to how these things used to go…this was a completely successful dating experience. Because it got me one step closer to my Soulmate.

You Are Empowered to Choose

Robert Goodman - MBA and Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Efficient Love!I’m Robert Goodman, author of Efficient Love and creator of the Good-Man Methodology.  I want to thank Kathleen for her efforts and also her willingness to share her very personal impact from learning and implementing The Method.  I knew she would do a GREAT job!

During the past few years, many thousands of visitors to my web sites have written me about how much The Method of Efficient Love has helped them in their own Quest to find the right person to accompany them on their path of Happily Here & Now that leads to their own unique destination of Happily Ever After. Many of these readers have urged me to publish The Method in book format so even more people could benefit from these life and Quest-changing insights.

Efficient Love – The Good-Man Methodology is intended to help you take charge of your own Quest, giving you power over your own Happily Here & Now and Happily Ever After in the ways that are most meaningful for you. Efficiently!

It is gratifying and humbling to know that The Method has already helped so many in such a positive way. I am pleased to say that the book is now done and immediately available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most every bookstore in the country.

Just click the above book cover to efficiently buy it now!

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Either way, my most heartfelt wishes that this Methodology helps you more efficiently find your own Hero or Heroine.

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