New Book: Don’t Waste Another Sunset – Fiction Companion To Efficient Love


New Book: Don’t Waste Another Sunset – Fiction Companion To Efficient Love

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Five  Short Stories, Five Women And Five Different Quests For Happily Ever After

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Warning: This book contains adult content! Warning: These stories often cause overwhelming emotions.


Don’t Waste Another Sunset – Five Stories, Five Women
And Five Different Quests For Happily Ever After

“Don’t Waste Another Sunset” contains five stories with each one centered around a very different woman who pursued her own personal quest for her version of happily ever after.

These stories are about love and loneliness, relationships and passion, guilt and regret and ecstasy and yearning. Some of these stories are also about the “what ifs” in life – when only memories remind us of paths to unknown destinations that were not taken.

Some of the stories are about how happily ever after really can be achieved and appreciated – so not even one more sunset will ever be wasted.

These are the five women you will get to know:

Rachel – “Now, Rachel felt naked and vulnerable from exposing all she is and was and wanted to be under a cloak of anonymity. A cloak that was about to be stripped away from her by a man she would soon meet for the first time. Curiosity had gotten her here. So far, she hadn’t seen any way for logic to get her out.”

Mae – “Mae had been right. Right, long ago, when she had decided she was going to have everything she really wanted. It was too bad that she had gotten sidetracked, waylaid, so many times since then. But, that was history she couldn’t change or worry about anymore. She wasn’t going to get waylaid anymore.”

Diane – “Diane reached out for Curt. Pulling him to her. Wanting desperately for Curt to be inside her. So she could feel Nick inside her, again. The way they had always fit together so perfectly. Using Curt. Using him to be Nick one more time. Needing the heat of intimacy to overcome the coldness both within and without. Needing the same kind of intimacy she had shared with Nick in the good times. The best of times.”

Elle – “Alternating…between what seemed like endless, all consuming passions that would set the field on fire…and stillness…sharing gloriously sensual moments of simply listening to the woods around us…relishing in the pleasure of quietly perfect solitude as we laid in each other’s arms…with the lush green grass beneath us.”

Lorraine – “As I battle my own illness, I wish that I had someone to simply fall into deep tranquil sleep with. Alas, I do not. So I fight ferociously. Somewhere out there is my life mate. I search everywhere…leaving no stone unturned.”


Once upon a time, there was this website called, “Novelist Seeks Heroine.”

This was a website that I had set up to help me with my own Quest for my own happily ever after to find my uniquely defined Heroine. The details of that Quest and the more than 10,000 women who applied for the position as my Heroine over a 12 year period are described in another of my books, Efficient Love, which is also available as a Kindle book on Amazon.

I won’t bore you with the details of all of that here – except to mention that the website “Novelist Seeks Heroine” ended up having several million visitors. It wasn’t really so many years ago – but this was before Facebook, before blogging, before social media and before Web 2.0.

Whatever the reasons, the site created a following with many checking in daily or weekly to see how my Quest was evolving and to understand the Efficient Love Method that I was developing from my hits and misses, my successes and failures, at finding my own Heroine.Click To Buy - Don't Waste Another Sunset - Amazon Bestseller!

Besides giving me a public forum to describe my Quest for my own personal Heroine, it also served as an outlet for both my fiction and non-fiction – stories written by someone who, late in life, discovered that he might, just maybe, have a modicum of talent to craft a story and grab the attention of a few readers.

The website also gave me the opportunity to discuss relationship issues, both good and bad, with tens of thousands of other men and women. Many of them shared very intimate details with me about the good and bad parts of their past and current relationships. Bits and small pieces of many of those stories provided an added slant to the aggregated but totally fictional personality for many of the characters in the stories I wrote.

Those stories were crafted as parables about the challenges so many of us face when seeking our own paths of Happily Here and Now that leads to our unique destinations of Happily Ever After.

Five of these stories that were on my website are now being published for the first time in this book, “Don’t Waste Another Sunset.”

Even though this is the inaugural launch of these stories as a published book, I have the benefit of having fine tuned these stories over a decade with the comments, critiques and cited emotional responses from many tens of thousands of readers.

Note that the above warnings about the adult nature and the powerful emotional intensity of these five stories are not hype. Too many have told me too often about their impact. Here are some of the comments I received from readers about these five stories:

“THE EMOTIONS THAT YOUR STORIES STILL STIR UP!!! Surprisingly, it was the men that touched my heart. At times, I wanted to wring Rachel’s neck and in the story of Diane – the ending totally blew me away. My heart was in my throat and tears were streaming down my face. I knew exactly how Curt felt.” F.

“You write in such a way that it seems almost as if you are writing from experience…the thing that drew me to the stories was how much I have been going through so many of the very same feelings you so eloquently describe. I especially loved the Pour Elle story. That’s what I want. That’s what every woman wants.” M.

“Your stories have powerfully evoked every emotion I have in me. And, God, the tears. Both from the joy and heartache I shared with all of the characters. They are soooooo real!!!” K.

“Having just gone through an on-line affair, I felt particularly sensitive to the subject matter. I really enjoyed the stories, especially the Diane story.” F.

“LOVED your story about Rachel……Boy you hit me in the face with some of that… and I love the number thingy!” P.

“What most affected me was the way they connected on-line… how their emotions touch each other…how they shared everything…and knew what each other felt…all of it very real and totally believable…almost too much so.” G.

“The sex was very well done….very mmmm titillating and made even more arousing because the story line is so believable!!!! Not like some unrealistic romance novel. Hurry up and write more!!!” C.

“I must admit that I am furious with you for having written this book as I have been saying ever since becoming addicted to AOL and the interesting people I find on it, that a really hot, timely book SHOULD be written about the intense relationships (both platonic and romantic /sexual) one can form on-line…..did you have a woman help you write these vignettes? You seem unusually in tune to the female thought process.” S.

“I’ve cried for 3 days since reading your Diane Story. Now I know what I did to him and what I should have done instead.” T.

“Tenderly…Godddddd…the most special…ever…what I would give for me to experience….just once in my life what Scott and Rachel shared and felt…..that’s what I want….” A.

“99999999999999999999999999999999999 : ) 🙂 🙂 Thanks!” J.

“You CAN’T be a man. No man could have this kind of insight!” T.

“What do I have to offer you to be able to read the other stories you have already written but haven’t yet published??? :::::::seductively batting eyelashes::::::” E.

“I’ve read the Rachel Story at least a half dozen times so far and I still get something new and meaningful out of every reading. I even have a copy of it circulating at my office (hope you don’t mind.) Finally, my friends can understand a little of what my own wonderful online relationship has been like. Oh, and he loved the Rachel Story too!! Thank you!!!” S.

“You should have warned me….the characters, the story line, have been haunting me day and night ever since I read the stories…all of them are so real that they keep popping back into my head…..more often than I can control….especially the Lorraine story within a story and what happened to her.” B.

“I can’t decide which story was better, the exciting reality of Rachel or the gritty reality of Diane. Both touch on emotions I’ve thought were hidden forever; thank you and damn you for waking them again!” K.

I am humbled and gratified how these same five stories have already served as parables to help so many others define their own path of Happily Here and Now that may lead to their own Happily Ever After.

I hope you find insights and entertainment from these five stories – and that they help, even in some small way, to accelerate you own journey to your own unique destination of Happily Ever After.

Don’t waste another sunset!

Warm regards,

Robert Goodman

Click Here To Buy From Amazon: Don’t Waste Another Sunset
Five  Short Stories, Five Women And Five Different Quests For Happily Ever After

PS: These stories are almost all fiction – with two specific exceptions. There is a part of the Pour Elle Story that is true. That part is revealed at the end of that story.

Also, every part of the last story, the Lorraine Story, is true – except her name which I changed at her request to protect her anonymity.

With over two million visitors to my web pages, I got a LOT of email each month. So much email that, regrettably, I didn’t have the time to respond to it all. Sometimes, in all that blur, I received an email that was so eloquent, so overwhelmingly captivating, that it swept me away with its impact.

I received such an email from Lorraine, a 31 year old woman in Texas, which has to be one of THE most touching letters that I’ve read. What is so impressive about her email had nothing to do with me…nor with any remotely possible, future romance between her and me.

The power of that letter had everything to do with this very special woman and her own story.

I hope you enjoy all five stories – and most especially, the one that I did not write.

Click Here To Buy From Amazon: Don’t Waste Another Sunset
Five  Short Stories, Five Women And Five Different Quests For Happily Ever After