Reader Comments


Reader Comments

From Marie:

“As an experienced therapist, trained in the field of understanding human beings and the relationships they encounter, I find your Good-Man Methodology not only enlightening but also incredibly insightful to both laymen and professionals alike.

“If your goal was to be thought-provoking for your readers, you have completely succeeded – on every page of the book!

“Once I began to devour the book’s contents I could not bring myself to put it down, finding it compelling to read and easy to understand, but it doesn’t end there!! Your concepts are amazingly applicable and something most all of us can truly utilize.

“There are so many people out there who can benefit from your ideas and from your research and understanding of this quest for romantic love that we all seek. I really am impressed by your clarity at uncovering the multitude of issues involved with love and relationships and the great way you have with your totally engaging writing style of clearly explaining the total process in this book. Plus, it will help so many people avoid those ‘dragons’ you talk about – the ones that seem to constantly cause so many negative end results we all find difficult to change.

“Bravo!!!! Your real life examples and truly touching self-disclosure add depth and interest and make it very easy for the reader to relate their own quest to your own.

“I will reciprocate by stating that I am certain that your Methodology and your book will benefit many of my own clients – and also that I am very anxious to enthusiastically explore and apply this Methodology to find out if my own hero is really out there!!”

From Jill:

“I am absolutely sold on The Good-man Methodology!

“The idea of creating very specific and personal web pages for potential Soulmates to review is nothing short of genius! Everything you need to know from “marketing” yourself on the Internet to discerning sincere vs. false responders, is neatly compiled into one easy-to-read and understandable volume. I used the principles outlined in the book and within five weeks had received over 600 qualified responses!

“As a result of absorbing and studiously applying the Good-Man Methodology, I am delighted to report that after six weeks and over 600+ responses, I have found my Soulmate! We connected instantly at our first meeting, are truly in love and planning a very long-term future together!

“Thank you, Robert Goodman, for the Methodology and all the great ideas! Your life’s quest for your own Heroine, and what you have already learned from your own experiences, has directly contributed to my finding my ‘Happily Here and Now’ and what I believe will ultimately be my ‘Happily Ever After’!!!”

From Ann:

“I’ve just bought your book. I’ve read it TWICE! I found it really appealed to my analytical side and I appreciated the thought provoking questions it asked.

I did write my own bio (lists) and sent it to a prospect who responded that it made perfect sense to him and he even created his own reciprocal list! I was quite impressed. Another interesting development was that the clarity of my “quest” allowed me to end a prospective relationship after 3 dates, rather than mucking around in ambiguity for months. All are GOOD things – thanks again!”

From Lynn:

“I just wanted to take a minute to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your book and how enthusiastic I am now about using your process to find my soul-mate.

“I have been divorced for several years after a 17 year marriage, and was completely daunted by the prospect of beginning the search for a partner. Dating is a scary thing when you haven’t done it for over 20 years… especially when you didn’t do it much in your teens.

“I have been through many of The Nine Stages you describe… some of them several times… but I never saw any way to avoid the bad Stages. I have always thought of love as something that just happens… like lightening… and until I read your book, I never dreamed that there could be another way… a more logical and rational way… to cut down the pain and loneliness that inevitably follow the ending of a relationship when two people who had wonderful initial chemistry finally run into what you call a ‘deal-killer’. Getting all my deal-killers out up-front seems like such a simple concept NOW… but lots of ideas seem obvious in hindsight.

“When you described each of The Nine Stages, I could feel the emotions I have felt in the past when I was in each Stage. In a few places, I could feel tears sting my eyes as I read… remembering past loves and lovers… and the endings of relationships. I also enjoyed the light hearted tone of the entire book… even though the serious attention to the subject matter always came across.

“I am looking forward to getting my thoughts and feelings down in writing about the traits I am looking for in a partner. I know it will be a lot of work, but what could possibly be more important to my future happiness??? At least now I have a road map to guide me in my search… I knew there had to be a better way (smile) and thanks to you & your book… I have recovered my enthusiasm for the whole process.

“Thank you VERY much…and perhaps when I get my lists done… I’ll send you the required pics… and we can compare??? (wkd smile) but not until then.”

From Renee: 

“What makes you different from all the other relationship-book writers out there, and what ultimately convinces many people (including me) that you have a great approach, is that you have been able to innovatively use your MBA and many years of experience as a management consultant and business ‘dragon slayer’ to gain an amazing insight into everyone’s quest for a Soulmate and what we are all actually doing when we search for love – essentially, you have successfully ‘reverse-engineered’ the entire relationship process!

“While acknowledging that there’s a lot of emotion involved and chemistry required, you very clearly show that there is still room for logic, even when talking about love, of all things. This, plus your step-by-step guidance to the reader about the need to be clear and comprehensive about what and who you want, the need to be assertive enough to communicate that information, the need to be honest in your intentions and emotions, and the need to understand the logic and procedure of how to meet new people (the theory of big numbers, marketing yourself, etc.) can make all the difference to your readers – and I know will lead to positive results for both myself and many others.

“*This* is what’s new and different – and what’s not out there, anywhere, in any other book. Thank you!”

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