Sneaky Dragons


Dragon Alerts – The Sneaky Ones

Most dragons are just big brutes with no subtlety to them at all.  They will just defiantly stand in the middle of your path to Happily Ever After – daring you to try and get past them.   

Regrettably, you are probably familiar with many of them. Ones like Jealousy, Doubt, Suspicion, Breakpoint, Reality, Illogical Infatuation, Loneliness, Depression, Failure, Ending, Restarting.  Unfortunately, you may have already spotted these species more than once on your own path to Happily Ever After.  

But there are other dragons which are much more sneaky and can even seem like pets that want to tag along on your journey – being part of Happily Here & Now. 

The Dragons Section of Efficient Love is designed to help you spot even these better-camouflaged varmints.  Below are listed 18 of the Sneaky Ones.  Three of these are offered as samples by clicking on the dragons shown in red or the links shown above.

  •  The Inert Chemistry Dragon
  •  The Fill-in-the-Blank
  •  Projection Dragon
  •  The Kid-in-a-Candy-Store Dragon
  •  The Rejection Dragon
  •  The Flame-Broiled Dragon
  •  The Waylaid Dragon
  •  The Deceit Dragon
  • The Distance Dragon
  •  The Winner-Is Dragon
  •  The Kiddo Dragon
  •  The Recycle Dragon
  •  The Speed Dragon
  •  The No-Right-to-Choose Dragon
  •  The Dollar Dragon
  •  The No-I-Am-Not-Going-to-Use-Your-Method Dragon
  •  The Monogamy and Commitment Dragon
  •  The Deranged Dragon

But remember all dragons, big and small, have but one major goal in their pesky lives:  to distract you and to interfere in any and every way possible with your enjoyment of a genuine Happily Here & Now – knowing without that, they have successfully blocked your path to Happily Ever After.  If these dragons weren’t enough for you to worry about, there is also

Excerpt from Efficient Love – The Good-Man Methodology. Copyright © 2003-2007 Robert Goodman.
All rights reserved. Used by expressed, written permission of author