Soulmate Math


Soulmate Math

How many traits are on your wish lists for your Hero or Heroine? 5? 50? Or, is the only requirement that they be currently breathing?

There are about 100 Million single adults in America.  You would have the best probability of finding your Hero or Heroine if you were truly bi-sexual and only required breathing.  In that case, all 100 Million could be potential matches for you.  Since most of us are heterosexual, all of a sudden we lose 50 Million prospects!

And, I bet you are more picky than just requiring breathing.  But do you realize how each trait you require drastically cuts the Universe of prospective prospects?

You do need to understand the arithmetic. 

Let me give you an example based on my own search for my Heroine.  One of the traits I require is that my Heroine be a non-smoker.  By my making that ONE issue of no smokers non-negotiable, I IMMEDIATELY eliminate 23% of American women — a statistically HUGE number of women. HUGE. With just one filter, I knock out of contention nearly a QUARTER of the women who may be, otherwise, wonderful and a perfect match for me in every other way.

If I ALSO required that my Heroine be qualified to be a member of Mensa, which by definition is only the top 2% of the population in intelligence, and assuming smoking and intelligence are totally independent variables (which amazingly, inexplicably seems true), then we are down to:

Ideal Heroine Possibilities = 77% X 2% = 1.54%
JUST with those two attributes!

With only these two items, I have less than two percent of American women to chose from. (Actually, I only require an IQ of 120 or more). If you add the obvious three filters of age, marital status and geography, this number gets VERY low VERY quickly.

With around 50 items on my personal combined Profound List One and my sexual Profane List Two, and the 10,000 things on my day-in, day-out DIDO List Three, well, I DO need a VERY large Known Universe.

The point of all of this is that you get to control what is critically important to you. In my case, I may have so many requirements that I may not find my own Heroine in this lifetime. In my case, I decided that I would rather wait, alone and as a devout heterosexual, than compromise those things that are important to me.

How picky are YOU?

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Excerpt from Efficient Love – The Good-Man Methodology. Copyright © 2003-2012 Robert Goodman.
All rights reserved. Used by expressed, written permission of author