Special Sales For Online Dating / Matchmaking Sites


Special Sales For Online Dating / Matchmaking Sites

Three Questions About Your Business

If you are a dating or match making site, I would like to ask you three critical questions that might make all the difference in the future of your company:

  • How are you going to continue to compete in the highly competitive, over-saturated online dating space? 
  • With hundreds of other online dating and matchmaking sites competing with your business, and more coming online every day, what can you do to improve your value proposition to your subscribers and members so that you can grow while increasing profitability?
  • How will you attract upper echelon members so you can charge for premium VIP services?

My book, Efficient Love, might be part of the answer to all three of those questions about your business. 

Efficient Love is a simple, unambiguous EFFICIENT guide designed to help your subscribers and members win their Quest for seeking and finding their Soulmate – and sharing Happily Here & Now with each other until they reach Happily Ever After together. You can read all about the book and The Method at www.EfficientLove.com.

The Process and Method of Efficient Love is based on greatly expanding the reader’s “Known Universe” so they can really find those who match all their wants, wishes and needs.  And, according to the book, the very best way to expand their “Known Universe” is through online dating and matchmaking sites just like yours!

As a matter of fact, I met my own wife and Heroine through an online dating site like yours – and we used The Efficient Love Method to discover we were mutually perfectly matched.

Efficient Love Can Help Your Site Rise Above The Noise Level

Your subscribers and members can buy Efficient Love at Amazon and bookstores nationwide for $19.97. 

However, with our Special Sales Program, you can offer the same paperback book as a premium – with discounts ranging up to 86% off the Amazon price. For as little as $2.75 per book, plus shipping, you can provide your customers with a proven guide that will help them benefit even more from your site’s services.

Our bulk and special sales pricing shows the price per book for a single, prepaid order (excluding shipping and handling) for the quantities shown.

Single Order Qty Price Per Book *
100  $9.95
500  $5.95
1,000  $4.95
5,000  $3.95
10,000  $3.25
20,000  $2.95
30,000  $2.95
40,000  $2.95
50,000 +  $2.75

*  Note: Price, availability and terms of any and all services
may change, without notice, at any time and all sales are non-returnable.

The beauty of using Efficient Love as a premium is that it teaches your members how to gain even more benefits from your site – showing them how to find the right match that is perfect for them.  The more successful your members are, the more success stories you’ll be able to share with new prospective members…and the more conversions to paying memberships.

Compared to the annual cost of your affiliate program, the Efficient Love paperback as your corporate premium is a real bargain.  But it gets even better.

Custom Options Available – No Extra Charge

In addition to the great pricing, we also offer your company extra incentives for no additional charge:

  • With a single order of 10,000 books, or more, we can create a special cover with your company’s logo and tagline.

  • With a single order of 20,000 books, or more, we can do the above PLUS create a total, custom cover for your organization.

  • With a single order of 30,000 books, or more, we can do the above PLUS include a special forward.

  • With a single order of 40,000 books, or more, we can do the above PLUS focus the online dating section content of the book to specifically reflect your company’s site, features and benefits.

 All of these custom options can help accelerate the branding of your organization and separate your company out from all the noise from those hundreds of other, competing sites.

Much More Than Just A Book

With Efficient Love, your customers gain a whole new process that helps them better tap the benefits of your site’s services.

Beyond the book as a premium, you can also offer VIP memberships that include

  • One on one mentoring and consulting for your Super VIP clients

  • Group training for your own staff on The Efficient Love Method

  • Teleseminars of varying depth for different levels of subscription and membership

  • Live seminars on the Efficient Love Method for retreats, conferences, etc.

Please click Mentoring and Consulting for details and pricing on these services.  When combined with the paperback book as a corporate premium, the Efficient Love Mentoring and Consulting Services, create a major market answer in your prospect’s eyes as to the “Why Us” about your company.

Order Today!

Please contact my office if you wish to place a special order or if have other, special corporate needs that are not covered by the above.

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