Your Lists


“What do you mean? I’ve got to show you my ‘Lists’???”


I’m Robert Goodman, author of Efficient Love and creator of The Good-Man Methodology.  My guess is, if you are at this page, you were referred here by someone you found intriguing and interesting as a potential Hero or Heroine for your own Quest for Happily Here & Now and Happily Ever After. My guess is that the above headline might have, just maybe, run through your head.

The person who referred you here is using The Efficient Love Method to expedite their own search for the person who is right for them.  You might be that person.  Then, again, maybe you aren’t – either from their perspective OR yours. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an EFFICIENT way to know this answer BEFORE either of you wasted weeks or months or even longer – just to find out if there were irreconcilable deal killer issues? Click To Get Your Love - Click To Get #1 Amazon Bestseller, Efficient Love!

I don’t know about you – but most folks just don’t have the time to take the time to find out about forever. How many short and long term relationships have YOU already had, looking for Happily Ever After?  Have you already wasted years and maybe decades on your own Quest?  If so, Efficient Love can help! 

First Things First

First things first:  What about the person who sent you this link?  They have already learned and implemented the Efficient Love steps for themselves to define exactly the general traits, sexual needs and the day in and day out way they want to share their lives with their own ideal Hero or Heroine. So, when they ask you for your Lists – and share their own Lists, it is with the goal of IMMEDIATELY knowing, with all candor, if there is a MUTUAL match between the two of you.  The answer to that is good for them.  And, it’s at least equally good for you.

There are no wrong answers on any of the Lists…just different answers.  And, isn’t it better to know quickly, up front, about any and all deal killer before you invest, once again, all the time, energy, emotion and money into what might be another dead-end relationship? 

The Five Lists

Here’s the quick executive summary of the Five Lists: 

  • Facet Foreplay – the two dozen most important things about YOU that you would eventually tell during the first five dates.  This is not a sales brochure but a way to share the Five Minute You – where you give five dates of information in five minutes.  Think about how much time you can save yourself by already having such a List ready for cut and paste – so that you don’t have to spend all that time on repetitive, inane chit chat. 

  • Profound List – the two or three dozen general traits and characteristics that are important to you in the Hero or Heroine you want for YOU.  Do you know YOU well enough to know what traits and characteristics are important to you, in a loving, monogamous day in day out relationship?   The person who sent you this link knows.  Shouldn’t you know yours?

  • Profane List – the two or three dozen sexual wants, wishes and needs you have for total sexual fulfillment – and including whatever you have learned that are already sexual boundaries for both you and your partner.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know these up front from your prospective Hero or Heroine, and to have yours already explicitly and unambiguously described on your own Profane List? That way, you wouldn’t have to wait until you get to the sexual point in a relationship to find out if you are MUTUALLY compatible.  Do you know YOU well enough to know what is important to you, sexually, in a loving, monogamous day in day out relationship?  The person who sent you this link knows.  Shouldn’t you know yours?

  • DIDO List – the 10,000 things that go into the way you want to live your life, day in and day out.  These are the hard parts of a relationship and where many relationships fail.  Do you know YOU well enough to know HOW you want to share your daily, and nightly, life for the rest of your life, in a loving, monogamous day in day out relationship?   The person who sent you this link knows.  Shouldn’t you know yours?

  • Five Years from Today – the answers to 70 very simple questions of how you WANT your life to be five years from today, from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed each night – and who is in that bed with you.  Five Years from Today WILL happen.  No matter what you do — or don’t do.  Do you know YOU well enough to know the details of the future you want to share with your Hero or Heroine for the rest of your life, in a loving, monogamous day in day out relationship? The person who sent you this link knows.  Shouldn’t you know yours?

Think about you and what you REALLY want. How do you want your Hero or Heroine to participate and share in your day in day out life? Does your Soulmate Applicant envision the same lifestyle and goals that you do? If they don’t, and there are major differences of opinion between you, then there could be multiple ticking time bombs – any one of which that might destroy the relationship. 

Understanding all the nuances of these Lists and how to create your own the RIGHT way  is one of the main goals of Efficient Love and The Method. Don’t risk your heart, or your life clock, again – until you’ve read Efficient Love.

Do It Once – Have It Forever

The great thing is: once you have gone through The Good-Man Methodology and fully defined who you are and what you want for YOU, you have it done – ready to share with any prospective Hero or Heroine you might be attracted to.  Once these are done, think how quickly you can KNOW if a prospect is really right for you and if you are right for them.  Remember, if it isn’t a MUTUAL match, it isn’t the right match for either of you. 

Time is precious and fleeting. The person who sent you this link appreciates this and wanted you to have the benefit of Efficient Love.  Now that you understand the process, you can do it for them AND do it for yourself so that you can much more quickly find your own ideal Hero or Heroine. 

Get Your Own Love

Want to REALLY be efficient?  Get your own copy of Efficient Love today.  That way, you will know EXACTLY how to fully define and use your own Lists to get you who and what you have always wanted for YOU. 

Click YES to efficiently be taken to the Efficient Love page at where you can order your own copy – in either paperback or Kindle format.  

Either way, my very best wishes for you – and your own Quest.  May you quickly and efficiently find your own path of Happily Here & Now that leads to your own vision of Happily Ever After!


Robert Goodman, MBA
CEO & Author